Tuesday, 29 September 2009

even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers at night….

Today has been an ok day; it started off a little odd but soon straightened out. The guys were pleased to see me back at work. It’s nice that I have such an influence on their lives and to be part of their lives. I know that there are times when I arrive at work and think “I don’t want to be here!” but I think that can be said about any job. In all fairness I have 2 fantastic bosses who trust me to keep the team happy and look after the daily running of the centre, and I do take a strong sense of pride in that. I had a couple of missions to complete after work. First I had to get some smokes for me and Tea, then I had to go to boots to collect some photo corners for a project that Tea’s working on as part of the preparations for her mum & dads 50th wedding anniversary celebrations. The event takes place on Saturday, and I must admit I’m a little nervous at the prospect of meeting her family.

Whilst I’m on the subject of the new lady in my life, I have no idea what it is about her but I feel that I’ve her a lot longer than a few months. The interaction between us is almost second nature, and I feel so comfortable when I’m with her. I feel lost when I’m not with her and I can’t wait to be back home with her. Of course I have to go home and spend some time with the mog after work. I think the poor chaps feeling a bit neglected, I plan to spend Wednesday night at home with him, Smiffy’s coming up to do some painting, namely finishing off (hopefully) the black reach Orks so that I can take them down to the shop and be rid of them. I can then make a start on the space hulk models. Once they’re done I can make a start on the Tau.

Back on the subject of Tea, what has she done to me? I really can see myself spending the rest of my days with her. I know, scary, isn’t it! For the first time in a very long time I truly believe that I have found someone I can trust with my heart, and I don’t think it’ll be long before I give it to her totally. This really does seem to be love, something I haven’t felt for some time. The problem is that she knows my plan, so when I suggest a trip to Dover Castle, she’s going to know why, so the mystery’s gone from that. I think the best time for that will be either spring or early autumn. I do know that I want the moment to be unforgettable. I think it’ll be wise to ask her first then take her shopping, what with me being a bloke; I’ll probably get the wrong thing, so it’s best if she has some input in the choosing. I can’t believe that I’m considering such a huge life changing decision, but as the old saying goes, “one instinctively knows when something is right!”

I don’t know if she has any real clue on how I feel about her, when we went to Canterbury for the first time, she was holding on to me and I felt so proud that she was right there beside me, and it seemed so natural. So I guess us getting together was natural progression. I don’t know how long we’ll be together, but I really do hope that it’s permanent. I know she’ll read this and probably shout at me for being silly, but given my track record with relationships, I think my concerns are somewhat justified. I hope that she understands that it’s not her! I really do love and trust her completely

So tomorrow I shall be painting Orkses and drinking gallons of tea and enjoying time spend with a good mate.

So hopefully I’ll get a chance to update when Smiffy’s gone, if not I’ll do it Thursday.

So until then,

Good bike!