Thursday, 7 January 2010

I'm sorry, guys. I never meant to hurt you. Just to destroy everything you ever believed in.

And lo he did look upon the land and saw that it was white and fluffy. Yes my precious little minions, we have SNOW! Not real snow, you know, the 6 foot deep in 35 minutes kind. NO! We have the 2 inches over night and the whole of England goes into panic buying and stocking up on bread milk and custard, or is the custard bit just me?

DTWP made the best of the snow, running around like a little Tasmanian devil snuffling in the snow. Every time he lifted his head, he had a chin full of snow, he did look very cute, bless ‘im

Anyhoo here we are, half way through the week and I’m absolutely shattered. My health has taken a bit of a down turn. A visit to the doctor revealed that my BP’s a bit high, although I think other things that are ailing me have lead to that. Still not much to worry about I’m sure it’ll sort itself eventually.

I’ve been discussing a short break wiv da misses, those who read my last entry may remember that I wrote about returning to Lyme Regis for either a long weekend or even a week. After much consideration I thought that the Isle of Wight would be a better venue as there’s more things to do when not fossil collecting or star gazing. I planned to visit the IoW in September of last year but other things got in the way of it and I didn’t actually do any of the things I actually planned to do, ah well, there’s always this year.

I wonder if the snow will affect work, a few years ago we had to close because of the stuff; I’d quite like a snow day. I very much doubt the minibus will get out so at least one of the team will get a snow day, which good cos at the mo, he very much needs a bit of time. Having gone through what he’s going through, albeit much younger, I can empathise with him. I know that those who know him and have a faith will be saying a prayer for him.

Well that’s about it for now, until next time.

Be careful out there, it’s cold, wet and slippery. Unless you’re located between the tropics, in which case it’s mild at worst.