Friday, 8 January 2010

Superior?! You're not superior to an amoeba with special needs..

So here we are, 24 hours later and we still have snow, woo hoo! We’ve had about 4 inches, yes, dearest readers, and a whole four inches. I know I’ve opened up the potential for rude comments and other opportunities, but they’re all a bit too obvious so I wouldn’t bother. When I look at the photo’s from t’other side of the Atlantic, I sort of feel I’m missing out on something. Wisconsin has had a few feet of snow, and parts of Massachusetts have had about the same. Still I got sent home from work early and it looks like we’re closing early tomorrow. The problem is that the snow could affect the plans for the weekend, but they’re a hardy bunch so I doubt that a bit of snow will deter them.

I haven’t let Obi out in the snow, although he did have a look out of the kitchen window and gave me a look that said “sod that!” he then went and curled up next to a radiator, can’t say I blame him, I’d do the same if I could fit under one.

Apparently England is experiencing the lowest temperatures for around 30 years, so much for global warming; oh I do love a bit of controversy!

In just under three weeks I’m off to this year’s toy fair, I am a tad excited, particularly seeing the character options display, at the last toy fair I went to I had to sign a nondisclosure form before I went into the doctor who section, not disclosing anything was very difficult. Sadly I know for a fact that I won’t be allowed to take pictures, you need a media pass to do that, so I won’t have any sneaky peaks at the new releases to publish. Still, it’s still worth a visit, and I shall be with good company too, which is always good. The other thing I’m looking forward to is the release of a game called Mass Effect 2. I haven’t bought a good game in a while and ME2 looks to be very good. I’ve gathered up all my Never winter disks, seeing one of my mates mentioning it quite regularly in his blog has given me the bug again. I’m fairly sure that my laptop will run it and the expansions, it won’t run NW2, for which I discovered yesterday that there’s another expansion set for it. Something else I have to start visiting again is Guild Wars; I would imagine that my character’s extremely bored as I haven’t played in well over a year. Sadly my laptop won’t run it all so it’ll have to go on the main PC. Which is a shame, I don’t even think it’s worth trying. Still it’ll be nice to stomp my way through the Forgotten Realms again. Now if only I can remember where I left my sword...

Oh how I miss the regular Monday night role-plays, we used to have such fun. Especially a certain mad spell caster who had a passion for incinerating donkeys. My our PC’s dined well that night. Fireball in a hay loft, I ask ya! I need to start writing a campaign for The Call of Cthulhu RPG; it’s been a while since I last ran it. I have basic story outlined but fleshing it out is the hard bit for me. My friend Philip was probably the best ‘thuhlu ref I’ve ever known. He could run the game on the fly and no matter how hard we tried; he always managed to get round anything we threw at him, although I’ll never forgive him for the incident with the mirror in the basement. (Toe rag)

So the weekend may be closer than usual due to the weather, and probably not as long as I’d like.

That’s it for now, fairly random this one, but I shall leave you with this thought, why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?


Sue Banks said...

I too have fond memories of Monday night gaming at Shalamar.
I rarely knew what I was doing but no one seemed to mind very much. Hmmm, I think I am like that most of the time so they were probably used to it.

Also, no way can you put on mascara with your mouth closed, no more than you can stick a Klingon's facial hair on without him getting grumpy.