Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I'm thinking you weren't burdened with an overabundance of schooling. So why don't we just ignore each other until we go away?

So where’s this snow everyone’s babbling on about? I have friends and family in the USA, the friends aren’t too far away from Chicago and the family are south of Boston, and they’ve had snow. According to the met office this is possibly the coldest winter we’ve had for about 30 years. Ok it’s cold. But so far the best we’ve had in my end of the country is an inch, and that’s bought the region to a standstill. It’s a shame really cos I really like snow, I like the way it seems to muffle sound and how cool, no pun intended, everything looks covered in a big white blanket. I’ve half a mind to create an e-mail address so my loyal reader can send the best of their snow pics, but I think that would open a door to all manner of unpleasantness so I best not. Shame really! Still the people who really know me have ways and means of mailing me their pics so I shall settle for that.

I know it’s only January, but I’m actually thinking about a spring or summer break. I’d love to head back to Lyme Regis and Charmouth again but the problem with the Jurassic coast is that it gets heavily harvested by professionals and nothing much gets left for the amateur. South Wales has quite a few areas of Jurassic rocks so there’s always an option. I’d also like to return to Cornwall but there are very few fossiliferous areas. The places I’d really love to take my hammers and chisels are, of course the Dakotas and Montana in North America and Alberta in Canada, but financially speaking that extremely unrealistic. Unless, of course there’s a lottery win between now and then. Of course a trip away would have to involve the other half, DTWP and possibly super kid. I really want to take him and herself up to the Natural History Museum. I will never forget the expression on my lads face when he saw the Diplodocus skeleton. He was absolutely awestruck, it took him a few minutes to pick his chin up off the floor, and that was after seeing all the marine reptiles in the Waterhouse Gallery. Another visit is well over due but I think I shall leave for another few months until the Deep Sea exhibition opens.

100_1365 The other thing I’d like to do, if I get the chance, is to return to Lyme is take my telescope, the camp site I like there is in a designated area of dark skies, so the light pollution is at a minimum. This means that so much more is visible; not only with the naked eye but through a good pair of binoculars or a good scope the wonders available to see are phenomenal. So a trip to Lyme would allow me to indulge two of my hobbies, three, if I take a couple of books. The 100_1359only problem I foresee is keeping my two companions amused. If you’re not collecting fossils or looking through a telescope, there’s not a great deal to do whilst you there. There is a good pub called the Talbot Arms, they do a great selection ales of ales, including some from Sharp’s in Cornwall which is where Doom Bar comes from and Otter Brewery which makes an ale called Otter Head which I also find a bit good. The food was also good the last time I was there. I had a steak that was done to perfection. Getting back to the issue of things to do there are a few local attraction to visit, so a rainy day excursion wouldn’t be ruled out.100_1364

Anyway, that’s a while of yet, when herself reads about the possibility of a break in Dorset she’s bound to mention our forth coming nuptials, have we settled on a date yet? Last I heard it was October, Davey, you may want to take it off your forth coming events list until we can confirm a date. Oh she’s gonna hurt me.

I wonder how difficult it is to type with broken fingers.

Until next time, be good to yourself, and each other!

Love & blessings



Kalon’s blog additional: still no luck on the Christmas Pud situation, I may have to rally the troops and declare war!

Kalon’s blog, Stardate 63513.7: there has been a development on the Christmas pudding front, all hands have been ordered to stand down and red alert status has been deactivated.


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Why pray tell would I want to hurt you ?
The long and short of it is our nuptials will be whenever we can finally afford it babes simple as and we can't afford if for soddin yonks :o( :o(

Sue Banks said...

I am hoping to be visiting the UK mid September to mid October.
Ha ha....Alan will be thrilled to learn that tomorrow night and Thursday we are expecting another foot of snow.
His shovel awaits.

Manky Badger said...

I had some Xmas pud yesterday :o)